The Tagus river, hides unimaginable treasures, I discovered them when visiting the town of Escaroupim, a small fishing village that inspired Alves Redol in the novel “Os Avieiros”.

The sunset cruise, is the ideal setting for families and couples in love to experience an unforgettable trip that will be perpetuated in their memories.
Reaching the town of Escaroupim is a real adventure, as the asphalt is a mirage, but an adventure that hides a treasure, kept 7 km from Salvaterra de Magos.

Upon reaching the town, I saw the typical houses of a town, as I approached the Tagus River, I was attracted by the color of the avieiras houses, typical wooden houses, made of stakes, which keep stories of fishermen who came from Vieira de Leiria, for the winter fishing campaigns, returning in summer to his native land, to fish at sea. Some of these fishermen stayed on the banks of the Tagus, forming small fishing villages along the river. Escaroupim is one of those little towns.

Amazed by my luck as a traveler, I went to visit Mr. Jose who was delicately restoring an avieiro boat, all carefully painted, by the skillful hands of someone who sees his sustenance in the river. He and another friend told me about the adventures they had on the river and how happy it was to leave home early as a child and spend all day fishing. I listened to them with a smile on their face, a reflection of those memories shared with much love and a certain nostalgia.

I visited the “Casa Típica Avieira” Museum, where the customs and traditions of the avieira families are reproduced. There I imagined how happy and unhappy those families would have been, how hard life was at that time, where 4G did not exist, clothes were improvised, shoes were scarce and food came from the river and probably from an orchard. I was grateful to live in a time when all this hangs in our imagination, as something very distant.
The best was yet to come, a catamaran ride, with 8 people on board, including María, a client of Amor Tejo who came from Lisbon, with the purpose of sailing and photographing the beautiful landscapes at sunset. The beauty of the vegetation in the water is simply fascinating, the sound of the water, the wind, the color of some flowers and the stories shared by the guide, make this trip unforgettable.

We tasted a red and white wine from the Tagus, we saw herons, storks, crows, woodcocks, wild ducks, eagles and the lusitanian horse in total freedom. I felt in total freedom and harmony with myself, with nature and with the shared stories … I admired the willows, poplars and shrubs that along the banks of the Tagus River, give us a unique color.

When I returned I fell madly in love with the sunset, and with the bird island, there are hundreds of herons that return from various points of the river to spend the night on the island, their song is magnificent as if it were a choir of fine voices, and the melody sings in our hearts and in our minds as if asking us to return soon.

Helena Caetano
Gerente Amor Tejo

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